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The Art and Practice
of Living Your Wisdom

Setting Brilliant Goals - That Stick! from Julie Ruth Levin on Vimeo.

Setting Brilliant Goals that Stick!

Designing Brilliant Goals is often a beginning of the year endeavor.  But truly, setting Brilliant Goals isn't really a once and done.  And having them stick calls for attention all year long!  This webinar offers you a unique approach to setting goals and resolutions, following a brilliant process that starts with your hearts desires and leads you through consistency and accountability so that you can feel successful and fulfilled all year long.  Download the workbook here, and enjoy! 

The Body Compass Tool

In the Setting Brilliant Goals video, I reference this Martha Beck tool for accessing your intuition by listening to the cues your body is offering you.  So often, we get confused by our mind chatter and can't hear our intuitive wisdom.  In these situations, we can look into the cues and feelings our bodies are offering - wordless signs and offerings from our intuition to help us know our best path.  This quick recording will help you calibrate and access the intuitive wisdom always present and expressed in your body. 


Imagine developing yourself so that your purpose and passion infuse your every interaction. Imagine confidently accessing your own inner wisdom so that struggle and complication give way to clarity and simplicity. 

Effortless Brilliance is the art and practice of living your wisdom.  In working with Julie Levin, you will gain new perspectives on your life and your life stories that move you beyond habituated thoughts and patterns, allowing you to access the incredible brilliance of your own mind and heart.  

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A 2-hour live workshop

New connections. Referral Business. Putting your contacts to work for you. We know it’s what we need to do, but very often we find ourselves in a struggle to even engage in, let alone enjoy, the process of networking.

To become a masterful artist of networking you can learn to:

  • Manage your mind… by becoming aware of how you think about networking;
  • Manage your actions… by bringing intention to how you approach new events and contacts;
  • Manage your results… by following up in a way that engages and nurtures connection

It’s a subtle but powerful paradigm shift that ends the struggle, and makes networking an art that is enjoyable, empowering and effortless.

This 2 hour workshop offers that perspective shift, along with practice on creating and delivering an effective elevator pitch. Join in to explore the art of making authentic connections and effective ways to maximize those connections.


Private Coaching & Mentoring
Personalized to help you achieve maximum results as you clarify your true purpose and mission

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Group Coaching

A More affordable alternative where you can also learn from the experience of others.

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Effortless Time Webinar

A free 50-minute webinar of our most popular workshop,
Effortless Time will introduce you to basic principles and practices of 

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GrowthVenture Programs

To help existing entrepreneurs improve their businesses

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