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Julie Levin.....

Is a Certified Professional specializing in coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs and women in business. 

After a successful 25-year career as an executive and entrepreneur, Julie found her passion while volunteering to help women entrepreneurs at a Boston non-profit organization, The Center for Women and Enterprise.  Drawing from her own experience both as a single mother building a business and, later, a mature entrepreneur in a stable marriage, Julie found that her wealth of experience could help other women create  successful businesses while building balance in their personal and home lives.

Career History

Julie's early career and rise to entrepreneurship started as somewhat of an accident.  While looking for a job after college, she took work as a temporary secretary for a land surveying company.  Her business acumen, drive and motivation quickly afforded her the opportunity for a permanent position in management.  Throughout this period, she acquired a wealth of skills and experience -- in sales & marketing, system design and development, on the ground project managment, and relationship building.  In 1988, Julie moved to Boston and established her own company, the certified woman-owned ASC National. After selling ASC in 2008, she and a colleague formed a consultancy firm, CoxLevin, LLC. The company is now a thriving business. After mentoring countless women pro bono at the Center for Women and Enterprise, she became certified with The John Maxwell Team and created her own Coaching & Consulting business to expand her services to a larger community of entrepreneurs.

Work-Life Balance

Julie believes that the skills that empower you as a business person can also enhance your fulfiment in your personal and family life.   Using her skills and intuition, she coaches and mentors business women, providing them with tools and strategies to achieve their ideal balance. What sets Julie apart is her ability to guide entrepreneurs to a clear understanding of what success means to them. Through her mentoring, people learn that business success goes hand in hand with personal fulfilment.  Whether you are just starting out or an established entrepreneur seeking to break through to the next level, Julie can be a powerful resource in aligning your reality with your vision. 


"You really got to the heart of the problem very quickly and really understood the many layers of nonsense in which I find myself. I find your advice sound and your insight both honest and valuable. You are part life coach, part business coach! It's a unique blend."—E.D.