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Effortless Time


We’re all having conversations about time, but are we having the right ones?

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In many ways, this is a golden age for time management. We live in a culture that loves coming up with time saving devices, shiny efficiency tips, snappy multi-tasking advice, and savvy online scheduling tools.

So why is it then, that most of us feel so stressed out about time? Why do so many of us feel misaligned, shameful even, about the things we can’t find time for? (Including sleep.) Despite our best efforts, the hours seem to shrink and run away from us, leaving us in a cloud of dust while we clutch our mockingly large to-do list.

So what is the problem, exactly?

The problem is that time is never just about time. Time can’t be reduced to fixed hours and minutes. Time is about our thoughts and emotions. Cultural expectations. Habits. Rules. Values. It’s about getting honest about our priorities and goals, something most of us have never really learned how to do.

That’s precisely why we’ve put together this webinar for you.

It’s designed by women, for women. Our goal? To put you and time on excellent terms. 

EFFORTLESS TIME honors the fact that developing a brand new relationship with time is an outer and inner journey, like two wings of a bird. We want you to fly high and feel crazy empowered!


Julie Ruth Levin is a Coach, Speaker and Entrepreneur, offering individual and group programs centered on Effortless Brilliance – The Art and Practice of Living Your Wisdom.  Julie’s background as a successful entrepreneur in the land survey industry had her experience this practice firsthand as, with virtually no experience or knowledge of the industry, she used her innate business acumen and intuition to quickly move through the ranks from secretary to partner.  In 2008, after 25 years in the industry, she sold her business and turned her attention to coaching and consulting, focusing on business and entrepreneurship. She is currently developing the Effortless Brilliance model, bringing her clients tools and strategies to access their own innate wisdom to find more ease and fulfilment in their lives.    

Inger D. Kenobi is a creative and sharp life coach whose fascination with time stretches back to early childhood. Always rising before the rest of her family, she had plenty of time to read/write/listen to Frank Sinatra records before heading off to school. In her twenties she studied under some of the most renowned Tibetan meditation masters of our time. They taught her focus, kindness, and that sleep is optional. Working with Scotland Yard to finalize royal visits and political events, she became an expert at tethering every single second to a specific location, person, or purpose.  As a life coach it’s her job is to inspire people to make the most of their time, and to inject value and fun into the mix.
Inger is also an author and entrepreneur.